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A terrifying investigative adventure game set in the 18th century: classical music, baroque style, horrible murders.



Year 17XX - Austria:  former orchestra conductor Heinrich Steiner accidentally discovers the horribly mutilated corpse of an unknown person into the local theater. Someone turned that body into a working musical instrument. Heinrich, a passionate musical composer, is stunned: how can someone create something like this? Obsessed with the murderer and his musical skills, Heinrich is going to discover a tremendous truth hidden behind the luxurious curtain that covers the entire city. Who is the killer? Why is he doing all this? And more importantly: will Heinrich be able to discover his identity without being killed?

~~ THE GAME ~~

Following the steps of the former orchestra director and skilled composer Heinrich Steiner, the player will uncover the secret behind a bloody trail of terrifying murders.  Blood Opera Crescendo is trying to "break the limits" of RPG Maker, offering improved graphics, a deep story and game mechanics inspired from series like Ace Attorney and Persona. During the game you will face interrogations and misdirections: if failed, they will lead to game over. Unlike other "classic" adventure games, in Blood Opera Crescendo you can fail and the world is dangerous.

  • A terrifying and elegant story: a journey through the Baroque era on the trail of a murderer who transforms human beings into musical instruments
  • A refined soundtrack enriched with classical music masterpieces
  • 8-10 hours of gameplay for the complete game (2 hours for this demo)
  • Investigate, deceive, solve the mystery...and don't get arrested
  • Uncommon adventure game mechanics

On this page you can find also the japanese version of the game!


Simone "Lord Macbeth" Granata - Eventing/Programming/Story writing/Game design
Dave "Mishima" - Character design/Additional pixel art
Daniele "Elrehon" Coppola/François Sivignon - Music

THE STORY - ストーリー -



THE GAME - ゲームについて -



THE TEAM - 開発チーム -

本ゲームを開発したKibou Entertainmentはイタリア出身の2人のチームと、日本のWorker Bee Inc.の開発協力の元、制作されています。

CREDITS - クレジット -
Simone "Lord Macbeth" Granata - Eventing/Programming/Story writing/Game design
Dave "Mishima" - Character design/Additional pixel art
Daniele "Elrehon" Coppola/François Sivignon - Music


Kibou Entertainment Team
Worker Bee Inc.




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Salve! Dopo aver sentito la vostra presentazione allo Svilupparty ho provato la vostra Demo (e anche se l'ho finita in poco più di 30 minuti) ho trovato la trama appassionante  e l'aspetto grafico davvero a un livello eccellente. Spero riusciate a completare il gioco e a farvi abbastanza pubblicità per lavorare magari a un seguito. Aspetto con ansia l'uscita della versione definitiva.

Grazie davvero per il tuo commento Francesco! E' di grande ispirazione per spronarci a continuare e lavorare sempre meglio! Ti possiamo svelare una cosa: il seguito è già programmato ;)

Una bella notizia. Ho visto che avete aggiunto anche una opzione alla Guitar Hero, molto interessante.

L'unica cosa che vi viene in mente da suggerirvi, sarebbe magari la possiblità di rivedere a fine gioco (o come diario) tutti i macabri sacrifici del misterioso omicida. Hanno un design davvero unico e mi è dispiaciuto poter osservare quello nella demo solo per pochi secondi durante il filmato. Comunque buona fortuna!

Stai tranquillo, renderemo il gioco assai cruento :) è nelle nostre intenzioni! 


the deduction is weird af.
why was the sawdust lying there?
could have many reasons, none of them implied anywhere.
same with the other hints.

at the moment I have more ideas why that stuff was lying there than the protagonist.

who instead of wondering how the stuff even came to be (in relation to the events) just wonders if it was there, was hidden, or if the hidden sawdust was already there. -.-

Hey there :) Well it's a matter of deduction after all: the theatre is carefully cleaned each evening after closing and each morning before opening (as the main character said) and the backstage room is used only for dressing and make up related matters. Finding sawdust half hidden under a carpet is definitely strange. Assuming everything, the sawdust was left during the night of the murder (otherwise it would have been cleaned by the theatre staff) and it's "out of place" in a room like that one. But don't worry :) as the game will proceed everything will be explained: most things are not clear at the beginning and the main character will find new clues that will challenge many things now given for granted ;)

This is an extremely well made demo and making use of the interrogation/deduction phase makes this unique. I hope to play more of this when the game comes out.

Hey Levont :) thanks a lot! We hope this new game gets some attention haha!

I hope so too. I'm a big advocate of having more RPG Horror games in the main gaming market.


We aim to create a high-quality game using RPG Maker. To "clean" the tool name and show everyone it's possible to craft something good using a simple tool like RPG Maker :)

And here's the second video for the demo. Now you caught my interest with the man and the lady.

Hey thanks :D we are glad! We will upload the upgraded version of this demo with the second chapter soon!

It's a well polished game! Was it done with RPG Maker? If so, how does it compare to the 2d version of Unity(I made Hasmon https://chillitech.itch.io/hasmon with unity, but with the 3D version. The 2d version is basically the 3D version with 1 dimension removed. Everything else is the same)

Hey there! Yes it's RPG Maker MV but with A LOT of work on graphics, artworks and music. Basically we use "parallax mapping" techniques to create those maps you can see :) Photoshop and similar stuff. It's a bit more "closed" compared to Unity of course, but it's more user-friendly if (like me) you can't code haha