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A terrifying investigative adventure game set in the 18th century: classical music, baroque style, horrible murders.



Year 17XX - Austria:  former orchestra conductor Heinrich Steiner accidentally discovers the horribly mutilated corpse of an unknown person into the local theater. Someone turned that body into a working musical instrument. Heinrich, a passionate musical composer, is stunned: how can someone create something like this? Obsessed with the murderer and his musical skills, Heinrich is going to discover a tremendous truth hidden behind the luxurious curtain that covers the entire city. Who is the killer? Why is he doing all this? And more importantly: will Heinrich be able to discover his identity without being killed?

~~ THE GAME ~~

Following the steps of the former orchestra director and skilled composer Heinrich Steiner, the player will uncover the secret behind a bloody trail of terrifying murders.  Blood Opera Crescendo is trying to "break the limits" of RPG Maker, offering improved graphics, a deep story and game mechanics inspired from series like Ace Attorney and Persona. During the game you will face interrogations and misdirections: if failed, they will lead to game over. Unlike other "classic" adventure games, in Blood Opera Crescendo you can fail and the world is dangerous.

  • A terrifying and elegant story: a journey through the Baroque era on the trail of a murderer who transforms human beings into musical instruments
  • A refined soundtrack enriched with classical music masterpieces
  • 8-10 hours of gameplay for the complete game (2 hours for this demo)
  • Investigate, deceive, solve the mystery...and don't get arrested
  • Uncommon adventure game mechanics

On this page you can find also the japanese version of the game!


Simone "Lord Macbeth" Granata - Eventing/Programming/Story writing/Game design
Dave "Mishima" - Character design/Additional pixel art
Daniele "Elrehon" Coppola/François Sivignon - Music

THE STORY - ストーリー -



THE GAME - ゲームについて -



THE TEAM - 開発チーム -

本ゲームを開発したKibou Entertainmentはイタリア出身の2人のチームと、日本のWorker Bee Inc.の開発協力の元、制作されています。

CREDITS - クレジット -
Simone "Lord Macbeth" Granata - Eventing/Programming/Story writing/Game design
Dave "Mishima" - Character design/Additional pixel art
Daniele "Elrehon" Coppola/François Sivignon - Music


Kibou Entertainment Team
Worker Bee Inc.




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This is an extremely well made demo and making use of the interrogation/deduction phase makes this unique. I hope to play more of this when the game comes out.

Hey Levont :) thanks a lot! We hope this new game gets some attention haha!

I hope so too. I'm a big advocate of having more RPG Horror games in the main gaming market.


We aim to create a high-quality game using RPG Maker. To "clean" the tool name and show everyone it's possible to craft something good using a simple tool like RPG Maker :)

And here's the second video for the demo. Now you caught my interest with the man and the lady.

Hey thanks :D we are glad! We will upload the upgraded version of this demo with the second chapter soon!

It's a well polished game! Was it done with RPG Maker? If so, how does it compare to the 2d version of Unity(I made Hasmon https://chillitech.itch.io/hasmon with unity, but with the 3D version. The 2d version is basically the 3D version with 1 dimension removed. Everything else is the same)

Hey there! Yes it's RPG Maker MV but with A LOT of work on graphics, artworks and music. Basically we use "parallax mapping" techniques to create those maps you can see :) Photoshop and similar stuff. It's a bit more "closed" compared to Unity of course, but it's more user-friendly if (like me) you can't code haha