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This is not your ordinary fairytale. Prepare to die.


Timothy's grandfather is ill and he's going to die.

The magical mushroom is able to heal any wound and illness.

But the magical mushroom only grows into the dangerous and unknown Mysterious Forest.

Timothy starts his journey to find the mushroom and save his grandfather: he did not know what tremendous dangers he would face.

Will he be able to come back alive?

~~ THE GAME ~~

Timothy and the Mysterious Forest has been defined "a Soulslike-Game Boy experience" by beta testers. The game it's challenging and unforgiving, nostalgic at the beginning and increasingly scary as the player proceeds. No one has ever came back from the Mysterious Forest. Are you ready for this challenge?

- 5 hours of gameplay

- A twisted fairytale with plot-twists

- Game Boy feeling with scanlines and 4:3 ratio

- 3 different endings


Simone "Lord Macbeth" Granata - Eventing/Programming/Story writing/Game design

Dave "Mishima" - Character design/Additional pixel art


















- プレイ時間は2時間

- GBテイストのドット絵とサウンド

- あなたの選択で未来が変わるマルチエンディング


Simone "Lord Macbeth" Granata - イベント/プログラマー/シナリオ/ゲームデザイン

Dave "Mishima" - キャラクターデザイン/ピクセルアート

日高 由満 - 翻訳

株式会社ワーカービー - ローカライズ監修

Development log


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Hey guys, I'm back. I made a review in spanish about this awesome game: https://retroorama.blogspot.com/2019/05/indie-review-timothy-and-mysterious.html

Keep doing the good work :)

Thank you very much for loving our game :) we are happy! :P

Hard and unforgiving just like you said in the description. I love the GameBoy-like aesthetics of this game, but I can't keep dying forever... Awesome game.

Thank you very much for your comment! We are currently at work to balance difficulty perfectly: keeping a very hard challenge but with some "spaces to relieve" would be perfect :)

was a good game.
liked the different endings.
only the traps were annoying. and I just couldnt stop laughing when finding the crescendo :-D


Thank you very much! Prepare for new adventures anyway: we will publish soon the new demo with A LOT of new features! Grab & Throw combat system, stealth system, upgraded graphics and a lot of new features!

hey, I am confused. at the swamp witch, one of the correct answers is II but choosing the second chest results inf ailure. Why? O_O


Actually it was another :P but i see you managed to get to the end anyway!

maybe another but surely not the one from the answers :-D

If you mean the mandrake one, it's actually a root :P so the correct answer is 1

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the place to report bugs but when interacting with the chest that gives the message "login on Indieexpo to get 500 xp" the player gets stuck on a message loop. The text box never disappears and the player is stuck reading the message forever with no way to move away from the chest.

Hey there! Yes it's the right place to report everything to us :D thank you for your feedback Eldirish! We will fix that ASAP! Hope you're enjoying the game!

Giving a playthrough!

Thank you very much for your video Neco The Sergal! :) hope you're enjoying the game! Prepare for the next adventure!

Hi there! Beautiful game, I work for a publisher and wanted to reach out. Do you have any interest in publishing to steam? If you are let me know, feel free to reach me at deana@sedoc.net :)

Hello there and thank you! Actually we have a publisher for japanese market :) but write us at kibouentertainment@gmail.com! Maybe we can talk about other solutions!


For other players feel free to watch my video 

Thanks for your gameplay video! Keep up, don't lose hope ;)


Cool game! Nice visuals and music. Not completed it yet but definitely will be. Good job!

Thanks Serious07! Let's hope this game gets some attention haha :)

Let us know which ending you get!