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Timothy's grandfather is dead.

But legends tell of a tower so high that disappears above the clouds, built by a god.

If someone manages to climb it to the top, a wish is granted.

Timothy, armed with hope and courage, decides to face this deadly test and bring back to life his grandfather.

The Tower of Mu is waiting for the next victim: are you enough nimble, strong and smart to overcome this challenge?

~~ THE GAME ~~

Timothy and the Tower of Mu is the second episode from the "Timothy" series by Kibou Entertainment. Mixing elements from old-school games like Kid Icarus and Faxanadu for NES, the game is going to challenge even the most proficient platform-lover with puzzles, action, a curious lore and RPG elements.

The Tower of Mu is waiting for you: prepare yourself.


- RPG Maker MV over its own limits: action combat, jumping, huge boss battles and more!

- Inspired from classics like Faxanadu and Kid Icarus

- 1 hour of gameplay

- Hardcore platform action: die a lot, learn from your death, overcome your limits!

- Game Boy feeling with scanlines and 4:3 ratio


Simone "Lord Macbeth" Granata - Eventing/Programming/Story writing/Game design

Dave "Mishima" - Character design/Artwork design


Install instructions

- Download the game

- UNZIP game file

- Run Game.exe (WARNING: sometimes the antivirus pops up)


(ENG) Timothy and the Tower of Mu.zip 90 MB

Development log


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Can't stand so many poor game design decisions it's infuriating!! I assume they were made on purpose just to make the game obnoxiously harder than it should be.
Also can't figure out how defeat giant boss in the dungeon. Hit his weak spots so many times and nothing happens.

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Hey there :) The game is of course hard on purpose but don't let the frustration win over you! Game design, game mechanics and level design was carefully crafted and balanced, trust us! And here's a hint: the boss have only one weak spot...directly on his head! Give it a try and never give up ;) it's an "hardcore action/platformer" after all! Good luck!

Fall damage in a platform game? Health bar but enemies/projectiles kill you in one hit? Enemies respawning on screen? WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?! And there's A LOT more...

Health bar is for fall damage of course :) enemies/projectiles instant-kill is ok as long as it's clearly (as stated) hardcore platformer. In Super Meat Boy or 1001 Spikes everything kills you instantly for example :) also did you know that facing the boss makes you more skilled than 80% of players we've met so far? You're doing good!

SMB is a different type of game and is differently paced. Does classic Super Mario, Sonic, Mega Man Metroid, Castlevania or even Zelda games have fall dame? Some may have things that insta-kill you (e.g. spikes, lava), but a health bar means you have a chance at things that hurt you! Fortunately the load mechanics make it easy/fast to start back. The boss battle is boring AF.
At first I thought the boss was cool and intimidating. Seconds later it turned out to be a big load of meh. So much for a hardcore boss battle where you can do nothing and you won't get killed. The hand to the right taking damage (at random, until you find a pattern) is misleading, as I thought I ought to destroy that one first, then the second, etc. But nope, you have to hit the gem on its head, and still you're not sure if it actually does anything. At least this level has awesome music, which is probably the second and last thing I like about this game.
Killed that thing, got a stupid bone, can't get out of the dungeon, and still I can get myself killed. Geez...

Wait what? How you can't get out of the dungeon? There is an elevator on the right side of the item room leading up. You can go out from there :) and there is still more to see...trust us, the game has been polished after weeks of beta testing to be sure everything works and no blocking bugs are around.  By the way it's ok :) games are about taste of course. Some people likes our game, some people not and (as requested from the contest) it's a prototype made in 1 month using a tool (RPG Maker MV) normally used for totally different games. It's been made to show the idea, the concept we have in mind if this game becomes a full release. We will probably change things in the future to polish the game mechanics and make it perfect :) your feedback is still useful because of this!

Ciao ragazzi, ci siamo visti al modenaNerd di quest'anno. ho provato adesso questo gioco, e saltano subito all'occhio dei problemi riguardo i controlli. ATTENZIONE: non come sistema di movimento che è perfetto per il genere ma come impostazione dei tasti. Sarebbe ottimo poter scegliere il settaggio dei tasti visto che noto che sono molto pochi i comandi. Per il resto la grafica pixellosa è molto accattivante e il verde come colore predominante all'inizio fa la sua bella figura. Continuate così ragazzi

Ciao! Grazie per aver segnalato questo problema :) nella build successiva al contest per il quale abbiamo creato il gioco (IGMC 2018) rilasceremo di certo una versione aggiornata con la possibilità di configurare l'impostazione dei tasti personalmente :)

the second level above the the one with the secret switch seems impossible to do - its the one with two moving platforms either side of the player and a tiny platform to land on in the middle.

problem is the character doesnt jump high enough to land on the platform ... ive been trying for about an hour and it just cant be done ( with or without dash ) 

is this a fault ?


Hey there :) thanks for playing our game! No, it's definitely possible :P just remember you can jump, dash, pick up items and use them as platform too! Also if you let yourself fall down without jumping immediately, you can jump and dash mid-air ;) good luck!

hi , thank you ! it wasnt obvious to me that there was a ladder either side - doh !

another question if you dont mind ... ive gone back down to the shop to buy the strange meat but when i buy it my hp doesnt go up ? its stays at 17 .

tried doing it a few times with the same result

am i doing something wrong ? (again !)


No problem! You have to use the meat of course :D open the game menu with START and you will find your items ready to use!

damn , thought it did it automatically ! that makes sense now ...

Always ready to help you bigjus! Hope you're enjoying the game! Good adventures ;)