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Timothy's grandfather is dead.

But legends tell of a tower so high that disappears above the clouds, built by a god.

If someone manages to climb it to the top, a wish is granted.

Timothy, armed with hope and courage, decides to face this deadly test and bring back to life his grandfather.

The Tower of Mu is waiting for the next victim: are you enough nimble, strong and smart to overcome this challenge?

~~ THE GAME ~~

Timothy and the Tower of Mu is the second episode from the "Timothy" series by Kibou Entertainment. Mixing elements from old-school games and new ideas, the game is going to challenge even the most proficient platform-lover with puzzles, action, a curious lore and RPG elements.

The Tower of Mu is waiting for you: prepare yourself.


- Classic action/platformer mechanics with a sprinkle of RPG

- Inspired from classics like Faxanadu, Kid Icarus, Demon's Crest and Shadow of the Colossus

- Around 1 hour of gameplay

- Hardcore platform action: die a lot, learn from your death, overcome your limits!

- "Pimped NES" graphics: a mix of old school pixel art and "bouncy" animations!


-キーボードとPC / XBOXジョイパッドのサポート-



「ティモシーとムー大陸の巨塔」はKibou Entertainmentが送るTIMOTHYシリーズの第二弾。










Simone "Lord Macbeth" Granata - Eventing/Programming/Story writing/Game design

Dave "Mishima" - Character design/Artwork design

Andrea "PixelSword94" Asperges - Pixel art/Animation

François Sivignon - Music

Sebastian Brunner-Stolovitzky - Additional music

SPECIAL THANKS - Baz, for his invaluable help and guide through this new tool!

Install instructions

- Unzip folder

- Double click on Player.exe

- Get ready to die

- Hit ESC for 16:9 fullscreen!


Timothy and the Tower of Mu 1.1.zip 99 MB

Development log


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I feel like you should either give players their health back at save points or have health drops. when you have to buy health and the shop isn't around not like you find much money this early is a bit unfair. having one hit point basically means you should start completely over because there are enemies that have chasing bullets making it nearly impossible to get past spots. Like it stops being a fun but a good challenge, which I think it does have but its just obnoxious to die over and over again becuase you have no way of getting health. Makes me wanna just play something else. Game has a lot of potential but little quirks like that are things that would make me skip a game because it feel overly punishing, we aren't in the Nes era anymore for a reason. Its a game I should be having fun not annoyed by something I can't help like getting hit. This game has so much potential, really reminds of of classic Mega Man! If some of that was fixed I'd say you got a hit on your hands.

Hey Bryanaug! Thank you very much for your detailed feedback! I can already confirm that most of these balancing issues have been already fixed :) we are working hard on the final part of the complete game (it's almost done) and we will focus a lot on final testing to make the game "hard but not too much punishing" :)

I hope you will try the full game when it's released!

Thank you again for your comment!

I look forward to playing it. Great work and good luck guys. 


Dll fix does not work on Windows 10 1909. This game is unplayable.

Thanks for your feedback. We are investigating this matter. Definitely weird because it worked for others. Please let us search for another fix.


Windows 10 1909 here and can confirm it works.

I've seen Microsoft screw up the Visual Studio Library installation; which at one time required me to reinstall everything from scratch and move some files manually.

Here's the links to everything needed to play this game (works for me).

・ VC2015 redistribution
・ VC2013 redistribution
・ VC2012 redistribution
・ VC2010 redistribution


Woah thank you Abstract! Very kind of you to post here this solution :)

Sorry you lost me then. I'm not reinstalling my entire OS for one game. No other game has this issue.


This is very nice, graphics and animations are very good. 

I've some suggestions:

There is no way to skip the intro text, and it is very long and slow... not good for impatient people!

When switching to fullscreen pixels are stretched, and it doesn't look so good... I think that integer scaling depending on screen resolution would be good (i.e mine is 1680x1050)

When scrolling there is some tearing, I think that activating VSync would improve it

Anyway, great game!


Thanks for your feedback! There are definitely a good number of things to fix hehehe keep in mind this was made in one month for this contest! But i'm glad you appreciate our game! Please consider voting for us on the contest page too :) we will do our best to fix everything and deliver a wonderful final game!

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I have a problem on opening it, it says that a file called MSVCP140.dll is missing. And I really want to play your game >__<

Hey there! Thanks for your message :) it's a common issue, you can solve it easily and play the game! Check HERE

Let us know if everything works!


No, you don't understand. I already have the file called MSVCR110.dll, the thing that I don't have is another file, apparently called MSVCP140.dll. Thanks for the help, anyways ;), I hope you do your best to help me. (sorry if my english is not that good)

No problem! Here's an alternative solution :) try this out https://www.microsoft.com/it-it/download/details.aspx?id=48145

(1 edit) (+1)

I tried the both solutions and nothing happened =(

Oh damn this is more hard than other times :/ so you downloaded both DLL files and manually placed them?


cool game =D the jumps are hard >__<

Thank you! Sorry about that :( We already fixed the jumping input-lag but, as this game is here for a contest, we can't change the actual version before the contest ends. If you want the updated version please feel free to write us at kibouentertainment@gmail.com and we will provide the updated version!


oh thats nice! I'll wait for updates =D

Thanks again for appreciating our game :) and feel free to vote for us in the contest if you want! 

Hello again! We have published the page for the updated version! Please check it HERE!


oh! thanks =D


great game but the insta death is annoying , would be better if you had at least one life ... cant get past the first tower without it

Thanks! Yes it's specifically "hardcore" but of course we will work around difficulty and everything while making the full game of course :)


also there seems to be a black crow that you cant kill on the first tower , so it follows you around and kills you randomly ... the shot/bow doesnt work against it ? is that how its meant to be ?

i cant get any further than that ...

Uh what? The black crow dies with 2 hits :) it's just more powerful than regular red crows


thats strange as ive hit it multiple times and it wouldnt die ! will try again ... thanks

Don't worry! Feel free to point out any strange bug or something :) we will work on them!


i cant get it to open , says some dll files are missing ?

Deleted 2 years ago

So, looks like the issue is determined by a tool problem BUT we have the solution. Please check our latest Devlog for instructions HERE


solution works , thanks !

You're welcome!


Very cool

Thank you! Hard work for one month but we managed it! <3